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Using TensorFlow.js and Node-RED with image recognition applications

This Linux Foundation Platinum Sponsor-Contributed article from Hitachi is about how to use TensorFlow.js and Node-RED for use with image recognition applications. Using TensorFlow.js and Node-RED TensorFlow.js is a JavaScript implementation of the TensorFlow open source machine learning platform. By using TensorFlow.js, learning and inference processing can be executed in […]

What’s New in Harbor 2.0

Harbor is an open-source cloud native registry project that stores, signs, and scans content. Harbor was created by a team of engineers at VMware China. The project was contributed to CNCF for wider adoption and contribution. Recently the project announced its 2.0 release. Swapnil Bhartiya, the founder of, sat […]

Microsoft’s Quantum Development Kit goes open source on GitHub |

Microsoft has open-sourced its Quantum Development Kit (QDK) on GitHub. The QDK, which launched in preview last year, gives developers access to the Q# programming language, quantum simulators, and the libraries needed to start experimenting with quantum computing before it goes mainstream. “By open-sourcing the Quantum Development Kit in GitHub, […]