September 12, 2021




Raising the quality bar with updated guidelines for Wear OS 3.0

Posted by Marcus Leal, Senior Product Manager for Google Play Store Our Modern Android Developer tools and APIs are designed to help you build high quality apps your users love, and this extends to form factors such as wearables. Earlier this year we announced udates to our developer tools APIs
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Bringing richer navigation, charging, parking apps to more Android Auto users

Sep 9, 2021

Android Developers Blog: Android 12 Beta 5

Sep 8, 2021

Accelerated Kotlin build times with Kotlin Symbol Processing 1.0

Sep 7, 2021

Celebrating some of the best indie games

Sep 4, 2021

Raising the quality bar with updated guidelines for Wear OS 3.0

Sep 3, 2021


Simple gradient wallpapers for iPhone

Minimal wallpapers make the best background images. A simple gradient color has been my standing wallpaper more than any other type of image that we tout on our Wallpapers of the Week posts. Today’s collection is a pack of very slight gradient colors, both single and multi-color styles. Gradient iPhone
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watchOS 6 introduces Cycle Tracking to the Apple Watch

Aug 25, 2021

Translomatic makes it easy to translate text to other languages in almost any app

Aug 24, 2021

AirBeamTV mirrors your iOS or macOS device to a TV without Apple TV [sponsor]

Aug 23, 2021

iPhone and AirPods charger travel combo

Aug 22, 2021

How to open multiple windows of the same app on iPad

Aug 22, 2021


Get Ready To Gigantamax As New Pokémon Are Announced For Sword And Shield On Switch

New Pokémon have been revealed for the upcoming Pokémon: Sword and Shield on Nintendo Switch, as well as some brand-new human characters to boot. It has also been revealed that Dynamaxing – the previously-announced tactic which caused ‘mon to grow in size during battle – is just the tip of
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Gearbox Teasing Yet Another Game Reveal For PAX

Aug 19, 2021

Respawn Has Banned 770,000 Cheaters On Apex Legends

Aug 17, 2021

Tencent Mobile Auto Chess Game Chess Rush Out Today

Aug 13, 2021

Development Of Further Final Fantasy VII Games Won’t Be Much Faster

Aug 12, 2021

April 2019 Xbox Update Rolling Out Today

Aug 11, 2021


Michael Cheng Joins the Linux Foundation Board of Directors

We’re pleased to announce that Michael Cheng joined the Linux Foundation Board of Directors earlier this year. Michael is a product manager at Facebook, currently supporting open source and standards work across the company. Michael is a former network engineer and M&A attorney. He previously led the product, commercial, and
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SPDX Becomes Internationally Recognized Standard for Software Bill of Materials

Sep 9, 2021

Set the order of task execution in Ansible with these two keywords

Sep 9, 2021

16 AnsibleFest presentations for sysadmins

Sep 9, 2021

8 Linux virsh subcommands for managing VMs on the command line

Sep 9, 2021

Configure DNS with a Linux command, build a lab in five minutes, and more tips for sysadmins

Sep 9, 2021


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