February 24, 2020



Crackdown 3 Flying High adds wingsuits and more

While Crackdown 3 wasn’t a great game by any means, Microsoft has at least been supporting the title post-launch with a host of free updates. The newest update, Crackdown 3 Flying High, adds wingsuits, new weapons and more. For those unimpressed with the original game’s boosting mechanics, this free update
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How to use a keyboard and mouse on Xbox One with ANY game

Feb 11, 2020

Microsoft acquires Express Logic to boost IoT efforts

Feb 7, 2020

Gears 5 ‘Crimson Lancer’ replica goes up for preorder, launches in September

Feb 6, 2020

Amazon’s Prime Day concert to feature Taylor Swift, Dua Lipa, SZA, and Becky G

Feb 5, 2020

Huawei MateBook D discounted to $500 with flash sale

Feb 4, 2020


Native Dependencies in Android Studio 4.0

By Dan Albert, Software Engineer One thing that NDK users struggle with is managing native dependencies: Library authors need to maintain support for both ndk-build and CMake (and hope that their users are using one of those two options and not something else). Libraries don’t always distribute prebuilt binaries for
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Safer and More Transparent Access to User Location

Feb 19, 2020

the first Developer Preview of Android 11

Feb 19, 2020

Handling Device Orientation Efficiently in Vulkan With Pre-Rotation

Feb 14, 2020

Detecting Memory Corruption Bugs With HWASan

Feb 13, 2020

How we fought bad apps and malicious developers in 2019

Feb 12, 2020



The Elder Scrolls Tabletop Miniatures Ready For Shipping

Need something to hold you over through the development of The Elder Scrolls VI? Modiphius might just have your fix with their new tabletop The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms. The Game will have the same core mechanics as Fallout: Wasteland Warfare, but the lore and design to fit the world of
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Microsoft’s E3 Conference Will Be On June 9

Feb 8, 2020

Collection of Mana Review (Switch)

Feb 6, 2020

April 29th : New Preview Alpha Ring 1905 Update (1905.190426-1940)

Feb 2, 2020

The Division 2 And Sekiro Lead March Game Sales With Switch Leading Console Units

Jan 31, 2020

Nintendo Announces E3 2019’s Playable Switch Games

Jan 28, 2020



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